I live in Austin, Texas with my wife, Gretchen, our youngest daughter Lily Rose, and our two mutts Hondo and Dobby. I love being a husband and dad and keeping up with our four kids, who all lead very interesting lives. When I’m not commuting to the farm in Knights Landing, visiting job sites, or at my desk thinking stuff up, I am most likely doing something else that I consider fun, but on a more personal level.

I love to be physically active and outdoors. Among other things, I enjoy sports, and right now I’m into tennis, but anything that involves throwing and catching something is great with me. I love to coach, particularly little kids. I like to go to the gym three times a week, usually with the guys that I’ve been training with for 25 years. I look forward to spending time at either our place in Willow City or in Hana to relax and unwind. Riding waves in an ocean or motorcycles in the back-country makes me very happy, and so does food. I can often be found grilling up something on the porch or cooking up something in the kitchen, creating edible art. I enjoy tending to the pond, reading a good book, having stimulating conversations, spending time with my family and friends, and playing with the dogs. I love being active, curious, and trying new things. Expanding my horizons keeps my mind and body alive.