Since 1984 I have been involved with a small collection of businesses in diverse fields including agriculture, energy, real estate, and investments. I get bored with the same old things and enjoy diversity and new challenges. When new ideas flow great things are possible, and I find that exciting!

Canterbury Farms

Canterbury Farms, Inc. is proud to be one of two partners in River Garden Farms Co., A California partnership involved in production agriculture, water, environmental restoration, and issues important to our business in the Sacramento Valley. As a partner in River Garden Farms, I am responsible for working closely with our other partner in providing direction and support for our management team in California as well as for water and environmental issues that affect our business. As President of Canterbury Farms, I am responsible for strategic planning and implementation, management and administration including budgets, investments, legal, accounting, ordinary operations, and reporting.

Penta Development LTD.

Penta Development, Ltd. is involved in real estate development and investments. Subdivision development, custom home design and construction, historic remodels, and various other real-estate related investments give Penta Development, Ltd. exposure to a broad range of possibilities. As president of Penta GP, Inc, Penta Development’s general partner, I am responsible for strategic planning and implementation; all aspects of project development including land acquisition, feasibility, design, entitlements, construction, management, and disposition; budgets; investments; legal; and accounting

Plantation Resource Partners

Plantation Resources Partners, Ltd. owns mineral and royalty interests. As President of KenLes, Inc., Plantation’s General Partner, I am responsible for strategic planning and implementation, leasing, budgets, investments, legal, accounting, partner distributions, and reporting.